Application of SBI PO exam online 2016 recruitment starts

Application of SBI PO exam online 2016 recruitment starts

Which is a PO SBI? How to become an officer of the State Bank of India? How is it different from IBPS PO? What is the next date for requesting the SBI PO exam? What is the registration process online? If these are your questions, you are in the right place. We’ll tell you all about State Bank PO Recruitment 2016 in the following sectors.
SBI PO Recruitment

State Bank of the largest financial company in India has about 15,000 branches, and for that reason, to recruit staff and often on a large scale. Most offers are SBI PO, employee, and specialist positions, and each held tests each year online access as needed. SBI PO exam is only for the selection of the administrative support staff within the company. Elected trial by this contract will be subject to a two-year training period before being moved to higher divisions and management levels. OP need to succeed their test to confirm their work in the bank. There will be a selection process after the test.
Those who reach a predetermined level and exceptional in this formation was recorded directly across middle management 2 and those who just passed the selection process will begin his career Scale Environmental Management 1. Students who fail the hiring tests get finished. After confirmation, the credit officer, loans, personal banks, sales, advertising, technology and other sections in the branches of SBI in India and abroad will be installed to handle. SBI holds a separate record for hiring PO Associates banks SBT, SBM, SBH, SBBJ and PAS.
IBPS PO and SBI PO, which is better: pros and cons
The job of a IBPS PO and SBI is the same; the only difference is in the hiring process, and some benefits to get agents.
SBI PO agents receive a higher starting salary of 45000, while the IBP were 38,000 POS, without tax and deductions DCPS about 11% into account.
The highest starting salary is due to a further increase of 4 with contributing to the base and the DA.
IBPS PO recruitment officers selected at all other banks in the public sector SBI expect, and it is associated.
There are about 25,000 vacancies by IBPS PO, but around 2500 by SBI PO.
The process of training and promotion of the OP on a larger scale is a little different in the SBI.
There is a projective test in SBI PO exam.
Candidates must pass the CIBIL verification to qualify for the SBI PO work.
SBI PO salary structure

SBI PO salary
Once training is complete, a SBI PO qualifies for a monthly allowance of 40000 INR; namely pay cut in 5000 to distribute tax and contributory pension scheme. Outside that SBI offers rented accommodation (up to 30,000), medical assistance (8000), and loans at preferential rates. As already mentioned, producer organizations have highlighted in the training phase are selected directly MMG Scale 2, after the 2-year trial period. The starting salary for this type of candidates will be above 50000 INR their base salary is 31705.
SBI PO Recruitment 2016 dates
Thinking of applying SBI PO exam in 2016? The following is the time and date of the current recruitment. IBPS SBI helps manage the following stages of recruitment. IBPS system allowing SBI PO files, payment of fees, SMS, evidence-based, online surveys, etc.
SBI PO planned recruitment dates
Online registration 04.05.2016 to 24.05.2016
Closing payment fee 30/05/2016
training prior to the examination for the eligible candidates 06/20/2016 to 06/25/2016
Download PO preliminary letter 14/06/2016 appeal
SBI PO preliminary examination 2, 3, 9 and 10 July 2016
The results of preliminary examination 18/07/2016
Download Charter calls for the main examination 21/07/2016
IBPS PO exam 31/06/2016 Principal
7/16/2016 results
Download Letter Interview 07/22/2016
SBI PO Interviews 01.08.2016
The end result 30.09.2016
So long ago, right? Applicants must go through all these phases to be selected as an official test.
SBI PO eligibility for registration

The eligibility requirements for SBI PO exam is exactly like that of partition IBPS PO exam CIBIL expect the party. Match your qualifications to the following criteria to validate if you are eligible for SBI PO sessions in ongoing or future.
Age: Age is calculated as the 05.04.2016. Candidates aged 21-30 group and allowed to register for the exam. However, relaxation of upper age limit applies to certain classes, as indicated below.

SBI PO Recruitment Eligibility
Teacher training: Set career 08/31/2016. Simply as a pass from a recognized university is sufficient, there is no percentage requirement. Candidates read the last months of his curriculum may also apply, provided they obtain the certificate course before the date above.
CIBIL Status: In 2016, SBI has introduced a new clause on eligibility conditions for PO, secretary and other careers with the Bank. Only candidates who have a satisfactory credit rating are eligible. This means, failed and those who have a bad credit history in the database CIBIL does not need to apply for PO exam.
Steps to ask SBI PO Recruitment
We have prepared a full video of OSI application process for examination of PO in 2016. If you apply the SBI recruitment for the first time, it is advisable to watch the video or the instructions below before beginning ‘recording.

Click here to open the registration form and apply online
See eligibility requirements for SBI PO exam and collate their age and education.
Apply online for a score of CIBIL if you have been a violation of credit card / credit, or if you have questions about your credit history. This may take a few days for your CIBIL score to arrive.
The application form is collected online, and applicants must upload your photo and signature to the form when registering. There is a specific format for this photo and the signature used for the recruitment and SBI PO is similar to the requirements of the IBP.
Download the announcement SBI PO here. Details such as curriculum, test pattern, and location of test centers are given in the notification.
Racing on the link SBI website, or on the link above to open the SBI PO application.
The disc has several steps. The first page includes the full name of the candidate, email address and phone number.
Applicants must complete at least the first of the application form to your registration number and password. After that, they can use this information to log in and complete the rest of the form, at any time during the online registration dates.
Currently, a general category applicant must pay 600 INR to confirm the registration SBI PO; is only 100 INR for SC / ST and other backward communities.
Applicants must download the page receiving the full application form and pay electronically for future use.
For help in this process of selection, send or call 022-22820427 in banking hours.
You can not change the center or part of the application form after making the payment / last click on the send button. It is advisable to use the ability to record and edit if you find errors during registration.

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